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Genogram-Maker Millennium (Windows)

Technical assistance is available at no charge from Genoware through email at genoware@genogram.org. Technical assistance requests received by 4:00 p.m. Eastern Time (USA) will normally receive a response the same day the request was submitted.

Updated: April 1, 2007


1. Downloading your new program after online purchase

For detailed instructions on downloading and installing Genogram-Maker Millennium, please refer to our How to Download page.

2.  Genogram-Maker Version

To see what version is installed on your machine:

Start Genogram-Maker

Select About from the Help Menu.

To download the latest version, close Genogram-Maker (if it is running), then click here:

Upgrade to Genogram-Maker Millennium for Windows, v1.1.6a

3.  Genogram-Maker Application Configuration

Genogram-Maker Application Configuration should not be confused with the Document Configuration, discussed in the following section. Application configuration is performed when Genogram-Maker is installed on your computer. At this time, certain information, such as where the application is located, is entered into the Windows Registry. Only experienced system administrators should attempt to explore the Registry. However, this issue did come up with one customer, so we are providing a tool to manage the registry entries belonging to Genogram-Maker.

Here it is: Download genogram registry editor

This tool can be used, for example, to install a single copy of Genogram-Maker on a network drive, and then make it accessible from various client workstations. It can also be used to specify the default folder where Genogram-Maker expects genogram files to be located. This is useful if a user will run Genogram-Maker from multiple machines at different locations, and wishes to store the genogram documents on a network drive. (Of course, you must purchase a site license if Genogram-Maker will be used on multiple machines.)

4. .NET

Genogram-Maker Millennium version 2.0 requires that .NET 1.1 be installed on your PC. .NET 1.1 has been included on most computers with a Windows operating system purchased within the last few years, and automatically placed on older machines that run Windows Update.

If .NET 1.1 is not already installed on your machine, you may see one of the following messages when you attempt to run Genogram-Maker Millennium version 2.0 :

  • Unable to find MSCOREE.DLL
  • Please set registry key

HKLM\Software/Microsoft\.NETFramework\InstallRoot… If you need to obtain .NET 1.1 for your machine, you can download it from at: http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?familyid=262D25E3-F589-4842-8157-034D1E7CF3A3&displaylang=en

5.  Document Configuration

Document configuration specifies the fields and tags used in a document. It is managed from the File | Options menu, and described in the application's Help system. New tags must be created using a graphics editor. To start the graphics editor included with Windows, go to the Start Menu, and select Accessories, then Paint.

If you see a graphic you like in some other program, you can capture the entire screen to your clipboard by hitting the PrtSc button on your keyboard. Then start Paint (see previous paragraph) and paste the screen image into the graphics editor. Now you can select the part you like, copy it to the clipboard, start a new graphics document with File | New, and paste the extraction back in. When you are satisfied with the image, copy it to the clipboard one last time, and paste it into Genogram-Maker (Options Dialog, Tags tab).

The following genogram document contains some tags created for our customers, one a physician and one an attorney. You can transfer these tags into your own documents by opening Genogram-Maker twice, copying from one and pasting into the other.

Download medical tags
Download forensic tags

Reminder: It is difficult to change tags on a document that already exists. It is best to assemble the tags you plan to use for your work into a single blank document, and save it as the default genogram. Then the tags will be available on every new document you start.

6. To Save a Genogram as an Image File

You would use an image file to post a genogram image on a website, or you might e-mail it to someone who doesn't have the genogram software. Here is how to do it:

1) Load the genogram in GMM
2) Click the Snapshot button
3) From the Start menu, choose Programs | Accessories | Paint
4) From the Edit menu, choose Paste.
5) From the File menu, choose Save As
6) In the Save As Type field, specify JPEG

7. To save a genogram as a PDF file

If your computer has PDF creation software, you can save a genogram as a PDF. To create a PDF file from Genoware you typically follow the same procedure as you would to print except you choose the PDF Creator as your "printer'. For further instruction, consult the documentation that accompanies your PDF creation software.

If your computer does not have PDF creation software, you will not be able to create PDF documents until you add it. For Windows systems without PDF creation software two options are:

Adobe Acrobat - The most commonly used PDF creation software is Adobe Acrobat, which is a commercial product available from www.adobe.com.

Pdf995 - Pdf995 is a cheaper alternative which can be downloaded at www.pdf995.com.

To view PDF files you need Adobe Acrobat Reader software, which comes with most Windows systems. If you need to add this software, it is free and can be downloaded at www.adobe.com.

Have we missed anything?

If you have encountered a difficulty that should be addressed on this page, please let us know!

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